Alternative to kennels

If your dog is anything like our dog's then kennels just aren't for them. Mine would become quite stressed and agitated. 

However, there is now an alternative from all of that stress, Canis DayCare! 

Meet Snoop, he's a big softy who LOVES people and other dogs. His owners have gone on holiday for a week and left him with a family member who is taking care of him in the evening and over night. But during the day he is attending Canis DayCare for the week. 

He is collected in the morning as early as 7am then he's taken out for the day with specially trained handlers where he gets to play and interact with others dogs. It's a great alternative to kennels because he is with family at night and with his mates during the day.

This set up means the people who you choose to look after your dog will have a stress free time with very little extra work to do whilst looking after them. We can even feed them during the day for you. 

You can also book your dog in to receive additional training for the period that they are with us, amazing! 

Have a chat with one if the team by calling 02922219687 or email

Canis DayCare

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