GPS trackers fitted to our vehicles.

Continuous improvement and innovation is high on our agenda each and every day. It's what puts us at the top of our game!

So, we've invested in new 'GPS' trackers on our DayCare vehicles.                                                           

What is a GPS tracker? Well it's simply a device that is fitted to the vehicle which allows us to remotely monitor the vehicle from devices such as a PC or Smart phone with the help of Global Positioning Satellites.                                                                            

How does this help our customers? By locating our vehicles at a click of a button, we can give you a far more accurate arrival time if needed.        The program we use to monitor our vehicles also gets fed the daily millage of each vehicle, which in turn will tell us when a vehicle service is due and tyres need changing etc. This keeps us upto date ensuring all of our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards in maintenance and safety. What this means to you is a far more reliable service.                                                                           

What else can it do? The system also produces a daily and weekly report that tells us where that particular vehicle has travelled that day, what time it arrived at an address and what route it took.

By gathering this information we can then determine if there is a shorter route and so reducing the time that the dogs are travelling and reducing our CO2 footprint.                                                                                                    

We want to maintain the highest of standards in our industry and remain the 'best of the best'!                                             

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