The Dog School


No longer just a doggy day care

Canis DayCare is no longer "just" a doggy day care, Canis DayCare is now your dog’s academic friend, your dogs place to find his or her talents. We will teach them new skills, new coping mechanisms, new ways of thinking and dealing with environments and a multitude of stimulus.


With our pioneering approach and our specialist knowledge in dog training and behaviour we will help unleash your dogs full potential.


Through each level your dog will be trained to the highest standards with the most up to date methods and techniques ensuring the highest ethical standards.

The Process

The process for your dog attending The Dog School will depend on the type of doggy day care service you use. 


The Dog School is open to all VIP dog students, this means you will need to have a VIP package with Canis DayCare to qualify for The Dog School.


Why have I got to be VIP?  

The simple reason is your dog will need to attend regularly enough to benefit from The Dog School programme. The VIP option means your dog will be attending at least 2-3 times per week.


Further Information

You will need to register as a Canis DayCare customer as usual, we will then get in touch and discuss day care options with you. At this point you can make enquires to become a VIP member and enrol your dog into 'The Dog School'.

We have 10 levels for your dog to achieve with certification on successful completion and assessment of each grade. 

At the end of each standard school term (we will follow the Welsh children's school term timetable), there will be an invite to discuss your dogs progress with our trainers. This is when you will be shown your dogs cue words and gestures for you to use with them. 

Dog & Owner

We understand that there are huge time constraints in the modern world, this shouldn't interfere with your dogs getting the highest quality of training. 

However, we do not want to exclude owners from the dogs learning, so we keep owners up to date with an online portal which allows you to see your dogs progress report live. 

The online portal give you access to your dogs homework and a place for you to interact with their trainers so you are never left out. 

You can also log in and watch your dogs training on our live training cameras. 

You can sign up online today or call us on 0333 772 1425