We cover the Cardiff and Vale areas.. 


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Why choose us?



When we started Daycare one of our main priorities was to be reliable for our customers. To us this means that when we say we will be there to collect your dog on a certain day, we will be there to collect your dog!  


Although any age vehicle can breakdown, we only use vehicles less than 2-3 years old which in theory should help with reliability as they are new and modern.  They are serviced at regular intervals as per the manufacturers guidelines and in the unlikely event that any of them should breakdown... we have access to more vehicles that will safely transport your pet.  Even when our vehicles are due for servicing or MOT, we are still always available with other vans.




Canis Daycare operates 5 days a week throughout the year, with a simple online booking & payment system. Our daycare service offers a collection and drop off service for your dog from your preferred location at no additional cost. If your not going to be in, that’s not a problem, just leave a spare key with us and we will pop in to pick up and drop off. If you require a pick up or drop off outside of DayCare hours, just let us know as we will try and accommodate this request. 




We pride ourselves in maintaining a consistent approach with our business values.  We have strong morals  that we firmly believe and follow, we apply these values to each and every one of our customers and their dogs, believing in fairness and equality throughout!  

Each and every dog is cared for with the highest of standards as if they were our own family dogs, and we have 4 of them!



Trained Handlers

All of our handlers are trained in accordance with the Canis guidelines.

Each new dog that is introduced to DayCare is introduced to each dog on daycare on their own before taking them on group walks. This allows them to familiarise themselves and to get to know each other.



Experienced Handlers

With the experience of a dog behaviour specialist to hand, it allows for all types of dog to attend.  Having this kind of expertise to hand means that the dogs will have the right type of guidence when interacting with other dogs and when they are in new situations.




Canis Daycare is unique in its operation, we operate all of our exercise outdoors in the "real world" as it were! This means that owners get to benefit from the dogs being trained and becoming habituated with different environments and experiences.


"I was at breaking point with Ronnie, until we met James! Now I look forward to walking him rather than dreading it. Ronnie loves Daycare, the regular updates and the improvement in behaviour assures me that he's having lots of fun and is well looked after. Thank you so much Team Canis x"

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