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Lucy Johnson - Ronnie



I was at breaking point with Ronnie, until we met James! Now I look forward to walking him rather than dreading it. Ronnie loves Daycare, the regular updates and the improvement in behaviour assures me that he's having lots of fun and is well looked after. Thank you so much Team Canis x

Lauren Silva - Hugo


5 stars just doesn't seem enough! The reassurance, understanding and hard work that goes into each and every individual dog is priceless. By far, the best doggy daycare service in South Wales - it is worth every penny! Hugo is so much more settled now he has a reliable routine; collected early in the morning & brought home late afternoon which means whilst you're at work all day, you don't have to worry! I know Hugo is having fun, socialising with other dogs and not bored at home, thinking about what he can chew next!

James, Gemma & all the lovely staff members - Thankyou so much for helping Hugo get his confidence back. Thankyou for treating him how we do and for all of the hard work you put in to make sure our furball is cared for. Hugo absolutely loves Canis ❤️

Here's a bit about our experience...

Hugo, our loveable but nervous staff x American bulldog is like our furbaby so leaving him in someone else's hands was worrying! After several dog walkers that cared for Hugo, I had more negative feedback than positive. There were numerous dog fights where Hugo had been hurt which massively affected his confidence and also numerous times that Hugo was left until the late afternoon or not walked at all.

Then we discovered Canis!

James and Gemma have been absolutely fantastic. James met Hugo in the evening where he took the time to listen and understand exactly what he needed. He didn't judge Hugo from the bad experiences we've encountered and explained clearly how Canis works. Gemma also listened to our concerns over a phone call and again, completely reassured us that Hugo would be well looked after!
Hugo spent his first couple of weeks with James where he assessed his behaviour; what makes him nervous, how is he with other male dogs, how is his recall etc. During these weeks, James would continuously give us updates and advice, reassuring us with Hugo's progress (photos were always lovely to see too!). Not only is Hugo in very safe hands with people who not only love dogs, but they understand them. Hugo was nervous but spending time with a behaviourist is a huge benefit that you do not get with any other dog walking services. Hugo is so much more confident... He even has a male dog who is his new best friend! Today, Hugo walked with a large group of furries, all shapes and sizes... And guess what... He absolutely loved it & there were no problems at all.

Our experience with you has gone over and above our expectations and there isn't another business out there that compares.

We cannot thank you enough guys. �❤️

Jenny Archer - Monty


I started using Canis after a recommendation from another client who couldn't speak highly enough of the service they provide. I started with occasional days when work meant I couldn't walk Monty or be home in time to let him out. He came home showing all the signs of lots of fun tired out and usually needing a good bath! (proof if any were needed) 

I recently needed to travel to the USA, leaving my adult children home with Monty and Canis took him three times a week. I chose Canis rather than a kennel place. He came home happy and tired out every day, he didn't pine for me at all. As Canis said when they featured him in a picture/advert "Monty loves daycare he does he does he does" 


He does and so do I! He's so happy and relaxed and so much more obedient off the lead since he started daycare! He's really learning lots !

Annette O'Brien 


My husband was at a graduation ceremony in Cardiff and we didn't want to leave our dogs in kennels for the three days we were away. I found Canis Daycare and for the first time, put our two boys into daycare for the time we were in the graduation ceremony. 

An anxious time, but we needn't have worried. The boys came back happy and shattered from their day out. James kindly collected them from the front of our hotel and returned them to us later in the day once the ceremony was over. Thanks again, I can recommend using Canis day care!

Natalie Hoard - Oscar 


I honestly thought Oscar (Dogue de Bordeaux) was literally beyond help !! We have tried so many different techniques to try and help him ... We rang James and ever since we see improvement with Oscar week after week !!! We can't thank you enough !! X

Charlotte Lewell



Paddy loved doggie day care! James is so amazing and was an absolute god send! Genuinely lost without him now we are back in Essex.