Canis DayCare came to life in 2014 when it was evident that dog owners were looking for a dog service that could help them out on a daily basis, a service that could provide care for their beloved dog.

The company was formed by Gemma Browning and James Davies, both of whom are compassionate animal lovers

Gemma has a background in recruitment but had a strong interest in animal behaviour particularly dogs. Whilst James is a dog behaviour specialist, already practising in the field of dog behaviour and training years prior to the launch of DayCare. 

Whilst Gemma was still employed as a recruiting agent she was drawn in by the suggestion of running her own dog business with James. 

We should also point out that Gemma and James have 3 children together and are currently engaged to be wed. 

Their mission is very clear..

"We want to offer a dog care service like no other, we want it to be the biggest and the best daycare service aimed around ease and convenience. We will operate professionally with integrity and clarity, we want to offer a service that we would expect for our own dogs, our family. We feel that the industry lacks a professional feel and we want to create a brand that makes that a thing of the past. We will always aim for the highest level of customer service and we will never stop progressing and developing the business or the brand."


- James & Gemma

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James Davies 

My desire to work with dogs comes from an early age, from always having dogs to share my life experiences and the rewarding relationship it can bring and actually improving my well being.


As a Specialist in Dog Behaviour, I realised that clients really need help with certain aspects of their dogs life that they just cannot fulfil.  I understand the need for people to work and have days away from their dogs for many different reasons.  The thought of me ever leaving my dogs behind makes me feel extremely guilty, so I thought other people must feel the same way about their dogs!  

I am a very active person who loves the outdoors, I love to take my dogs on all of my little ventures and because of all of my ventures with them, they are some of the most socialised dogs I know!  Some would say it’s the “perfect” life for a dog!

Gemma Browning

I have always been passionate in my interest in animals. I have grown up with family dogs and all other sorts of pets. As a child I used to spend most of my weekends horse riding or just helping out in the local stables. Nowadays, I love to spend my time out walking or running with my dog Milo, an Australian Kelpie X. Milo needs a lot of exercise, and loves the company of other dogs to play and explore new places with. He is a quick learner, so I am always making up new tricks to teach him.

I’m very excited to be joining the Canis Day Care team, where I will be getting to meet and make friends with new dogs, and spending the day outdoors in some of South Wales’ most beautiful places, which to me is the perfect job.

Casey Penberthy

Casey recently joined the Canis Family, Casey is a hard working driven woman who has great passion for dogs. She currently has just taken on a puppy German Shepherd named Jaxon, but she also has a Husky named Finn.

Alex Mayes

Alex has a great passion for dog training and behaviour, he came from a background in insurance but took a plunge to follow his dream. He is able to learn so much from working at Canis and will continue to work on his personal development to achieve his dog trainer status. 

He has recently taken on a puppy named Dave! Dave is a Short Hared German Pointer.

Kerry Stewart

Kerry has recently joined the team and she will soon ad her Bio to our site.