Active Dog = Happy Dog.

So we all know that your dog needs to be walked day in day out! And absolutely, yes it should. But why? What are the real benefits^?

Dogs have evolved into a very social creature, and so naturally they want to explore, make friends and stay mentally and physically healthy, no different to us.

The evolution of the modern domestic pet dog is far from natural, though. With so many variant lifestyles it's difficult to gauge what is natural and what is influenced by the human. But there is one thing most of them must like and that's going out for a walk! 

Having an active dog has an undoubtable string of benefits^.

  • Minimise unwanted dog behaviour.

  • Can minimise the risk of heart disease.

  • Increase your dogs life.

  • Reduce digestive problems.

  • General health improvements.

  • Great way to socialise.

This list could continue but just the few that have been mentioned are huge benefits alone. Sadly dogs have been known to suffer with depression, keeping them active can help solve this problem, too. Overall then an active dog really is a happy dog, and that's why it's important to walk your dog!

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