Important changes to Canis DayCare

In light of the new social distancing rules and the affects of COVID-19 on our business we have had to reevaluate our business model. We have made some positive changes that may affect how you use our service.


We would like to highlight some of the biggest changes from our old daycare model to our current...


1. Our previous model was based on a dedicated pick up and drop off service, we are now focusing on having a daycare centre for customers to bring their dogs to us for the entire day and a Chauffeur service. Our 'Chauffeur service' will operate between 8am and 4pm (collect 8-9am and drop off 3-4pm) but this will have limited availability. 

2. The centre opens at 7am through to 6pm.

3. New onsite shop.

4. We will be much more active on social media which will have videos and pictures throughout the day. New to 2020 is also a LIVE webcam viewer so you can log in and view sections of the daycare.

5. All dogs will now stay at our daycare centre with options to go for local walks in 100's of acres of woodland walks. 

6. Our collection and drop off times will be reduced to 1 hour instead of 2 hours. 

7. We will honour all existing booking or credits including VIP credits. 

8. Initially we will only have the facility to cover the Cardiff area with our Chauffeur service.

9. All dogs will now only be accepted subject to a behavioural assessment. Dogs who are unsuitable to be around the dogs at daycare will no longer be accepted. We will inform all current customers who have used the service 'DayCare B' and any others that we feel are unsuitable for the new daycare.

10. Male dogs will strictly be required to be neutered by the age of 18 months to attend daycare. 

If any existing customers have questions relating to any of the above points or if there is something we've missed please get in touch via email

from the 8th June all existing customers can expect a phone call from one of the team to run through all of the new changes.